I found my spirit and the church!

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I’m very thankful for the great love of the Lord Jesus; He is really truthful and faithful. Although I sometimes walk in the wilderness and may feel confused and lonely, He always walks with me and is at my right hand.


2 years ago, I got a challenging word from someone who said to me that if I want to know the Lord Jesus more, I can pray to Him to get a totally new experience. Then I asked the Lord Jesus if I could get to know Him. I also asked Him if I could go to a foreign country to study there. Surprisingly, at that time my English was not good enough and it was very difficult for me to communicate with a foreigner. After I had prayed to the Lord for 1 month, my professor sent me to study an intensive English course and asked me to take a university course in English. So I spent around 1 year to study English and to prepare for the class. I found out that studying languages is very hard for me. But even though it made me tired many times, I was still recalling the promise God had given me already.

My human spirit

One day I was allowed to go to Germany to study without any conditions. In fact, no one was even interested in my English results. But it was clear: I was allowed to go there by the mercy of the Lord. In Stuttgart, Germany, I asked my German professor where I could find Christians at the university. The Lord Jesus led me to get to know the church in Stuttgart. There, I learned and experienced a lot concerning God’s spirit and my human spirit. I also found many lovely friends. Moreover, I have received too many experiences with the Lord Jesus! Now I can say that my spirit got stronger and that I love and trust Him more every day. Praise the Lord!