The fear of the LORD

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“BLESSED is everyone who fears the LORD, who walks in His ways.” Wonderful! The fear of the Lord is in connection to the building up of His house. Let’s read Psalm 128.

We should have the fear of the Lord set before us. For example, before we speak God’s Word in a church meeting, it is important to check with God if this is what He wants us to say.

Sometimes the Lord Jesus wants to speak through us, but we have no desire to open our mouth. Maybe that’s because we are afraid of men, or we may be shy. But if we really fear God, we would humble ourselves before Him and open our mouth to speak His Word.

In addition, if we want to build up God’s house, the church, we cannot simply follow our own ideas and concepts. If we truly fear God, we would ask Him how to do it. Without this godly fear, we would just go ahead and build something according to our own imagination.

And, according to the apostle Paul’s writings, this will be judged by God one day. To fear Him means to respect and obey Him. Therefore, we need a close relationship with Him. So when He speaks to us, we would gladly obey and seek His will. Psalm 128 tells us: “who walks in His ways.”
No longer can we walk on our own ways anymore, because we fear Him. It is wonderful to see that it is not only fearing the Lord, but rather the Psalmist mentions three times “BLESSED, BLESSED, BLESSED”! Hallelujah! The blessing of God comes out of Zion!

When we build God’s house according to His own will and idea, He will command His blessing to Zion. As a result, God’s extra portion of blessing will be upon those who are in Zion. How wonderful it is, to be in Zion! “You shall be happy, and it shall be well with you!”