The Lord’s Second Coming is Near!

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When it comes to the second coming of the Jesus, many quote Matthew 24:36:

“But of that day and hour no one knows.”

Matthew 24:36

Most of the time, the subject is then closed. But, why then did Jesus continue to speak about the signs of His second coming, the end times and the coming kingdom in Matthew 24 and 25? The Lord has given us signs of the times to prove to us that He is coming quickly. Today, we have the unique chance to experience the second coming of the Lord and to be raptured!

The devil, the serpent of old, has managed to mislead and deceive many believers when it comes to the second coming of Jesus. Many think that the second coming is not so near and that we still have 30 years or so and can still do this or that. The devil will not necessarily try to fool us by saying that Jesus will not come a second time at all. However, he will water down and neutralize the Word to gain more time. He wants to destroy the consciousness among the believers that Jesus Christ is coming soon. If we say that His coming is not so important, it shows that we do not love Him. Through the signs of the times, God wants to awaken an expectation of the Lord’s coming in us and cause us to prepare ourselves. If we long for Jesus Christ, we would also prepare ourselves for His coming. In contrast to that, the serpent wants to put us believers to sleep by saying: “The signs and the second coming are not so important. The main thing is that you love the Lord and, if this is the case, you do not need any signs.“ The serpent is very cunning and speaks with a split tongue. We should love God, but in the same way, we should heed the signs of the times. If we pay attention to the signs and await His coming, this will change our lives, our daily walk and our prayers. When the King comes, we cannot say: “We were not really interested in the exact time of your arrival. We were pretty much ready the whole time. But, we did not expect you to come now.“ Usually, when a king comes to visit a country, the entire nation prepares itself.

The more signs we see concerning His coming, the more the desire in us grows to be prepared and not fall asleep. Let us see through the serpent’s lies and overcome!