Basics of faith in Jesus Christ

In this playlist you will learn why the Bible is credible, what it means to believe in it and in Jesus Christ, why no other way leads to God and much more.

The Book of Revelation

The last book of the Bible begins with a promise: “Blessed is he who reads the words of prophecy, and he who hears them and keeps what is written in them! For the time is near.” (Rev. 1:3) Experience the blessing of God as you engage with the book of Revelation!

The intensified Christian life

We all need strengthening for our life of faith. In this playlist you will be encouraged to go forward with the Lord Jesus.

The strengthened church life

God’s heart is not only to have many individual Christians, but to build them together as His church. Here we are shown how the church can become a burning lampstand of God in this world. Also, the Bible shows us that not everything called church today is according to the Word of God.

The secrets of the kingdom of heaven

The mysteries of the kingdom of heaven comprise seven parables that Jesus Christ told people almost 2000 years ago (Matthew 13). In them, God reveals how His kingdom comes to earth: it is about the condition of our hearts, the strategies of God’s enemy, the priceless preciousness of God’s kingdom, and the judgment of Jesus Christ on the nations at the end of this age. Our seven lectures are designed to help us hear and understand the word of God’s kingdom and thereby bear good fruit.

The World Situation in the Light of the Bible

Through the Bible, God has been speaking about the future for thousands of years, all of which has been demonstrably fulfilled. But the Bible also speaks about our present time and even the future. This is exactly what the following lectures are about.

The Second Coming of Jesus Christ

Jesus makes it unmistakably clear to us: He is coming again! This was true then, but even more so today. For those who are spiritually asleep, he will come like a thief in the night. But those who are spiritually awake realize that he confirms by many sure signs that he is near at the door. The playlist shows the signs of the times and our preparation for the day of Christ.